Q. How much does a website cost / can you do it for less?

A. The short answer is “It depends”. No two websites are exactly the same, and there is no way to apply cookie cutter pricing to a custom designed and developed website. Some (but by no means all) factors that affect the price include the number of pages the site includes, whether or not there is a shopping cart or other web-based application, if you have an existing website, if you need professional photography, if you require assistance in writing content, etc.

Due to the highly customized nature of website design and development, I cannot provide pricing without consulting with you on the details of your project. This ensures that I am aware of all aspects of the project and am taking into account every requirement you have.

Q. How long will it take to make my website?

A. This is another common question which is difficult to answer. To some extent it depends on my current workload, but to a much greater degree it will depend on the size, scope, and complexity of your website. It will also have a lot to do with how prepared you are. What do you have to do with it? Most of my web design clients provide their own content and photography, which turns out to be a much more difficult and time consuming task than they think. Most project delays are a result of waiting for content and images.

Q. Can you make my website look just like this website (insert ANY popular website here)?

A. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or so we've always been told. However, when it comes to duplicating the look of another website, the flattery falls short. No self-respecting designer is going to agree to copy another's work verbatim. There is, however, much inspiration to be gained from viewing other websites with a critical eye. I would not be happy if another designer lifted my work and will not be persuaded to do the same. Let's come up with something that is your own.

Q. Will my site be #1 on Google/Yahoo when we are done with the project?

A. In short, NO. Reaching the #1 spot (or the #1 page for that matter) requires lots of work and TIME. Do not believe those who promise you that coveted top spot in Google search engine results pages overnight or for a quoted price. This FAQ is definitely not the forum for discussing the myriad of factors that play into achieving top search engine rankings. Give me a call or email if you are seriously interested in discussing this. Just remember success in the search engines requires a properly built site to start with, content that your audience finds compelling, and a long-term commitment on your part as a website owner.

Q. Do you work on an hourly basis / how much is your hourly rate?

A. I do lots of work on an hourly basis. Most of the website content management and updates I do for clients is on an hourly basis. This type of short-term work lends itself well to hourly billings. However, larger scale projects such as a complete site redesign are more appropriately priced on a per-project basis. If you are serious about knowing my hourly rate, I would gladly give you a formal price proposal. Get in touch with me so we can discuss the details of your project, and I will gladly give you a proposal with all prices clearly marked.

Q. What are your payment terms?

A. For most design and development projects I require a 50% down payment to begin work. The remaining 50% is billed upon completion of the project prior to site launch.

Q. Can I make updates to my website myself?

A. Absolutely! There are many ways to accomplish this, and how you accomplish this will depend more on your personal preference than on any one method. Desktop software tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver or Adobe Contribute are powerful and capable tools for editing websites. Another method of updating a website is the use of a Content Management System or CMS. A modern CMS allows site owners to update their website right inside their web browsers with a secure password-protected administration panel. Choosing the proper tool for your website is dependant on many factors, and I can accomodate whatever method you choose.