Recent Project Launches

DESIGNOJO — A leader in branding and design sought out Netmongrel to help bring their new company website to life. Clean, custom coding enhanced with Javascript was just what Designojo required and just what they received.
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Georgia River Network
GEORGIA RIVER NETWORK — Powered by a Joomla, an open source content management system, the GRN staff can handle all aspects of content management right from the browser.
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Medical Transcription Education Center
MTEC — Custom coded Joomla templates and the powerful site management capabilities built into the platform allow MTEC to run their web presence in-house with minimal effort or expense.
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Strategic Partners

The internet has enabled creative and development collaboration with and ease that has never been possible before. Regional and global collaboration is now a reality extending the creative possibilities of any project. Netmongrel is proud of the company it keeps.

DesignojoDesignojo is a small NYC studio of enormously talented, senior-level creatives who believe that the best design solutions come from organizations without layers. Designers who are close to the work. And a process that is collaborative, adaptive, and responsive.
The Friedman Marketing GroupThe Friedman Marketing Group is a highly specialized media relations, marketing services, and strategic content firm – focused exclusively on the Healthcare IT industry. TFMG helps healthcare companies position, market and improve their solutions through marketing services and sales know-how.
Incept DevelopmentThe partnership with Incept Development brings certified iOS and OS X develop expertise to the Netmongrel client base. Rich native and web-based applications for any iOS device including all versions of the iPhone and iPad are affordably within reach. Let us help you get into the App Store!